Core products

  • Soda products

    Sodium hydroxide, Soda ash, Liquid chlorine, Hydrochloric acid, Sodium bicarbonate, Calcium chloride, Sodium chlorate, Sodium hypochlorite, Sodium sulfate decahydrate, Sodium silicate, Sodium acetate, Sodium sulfates, Other sodium salts

  • Ammonia products

    Ammonia, Urea, Nitric acid, and Other ammonium salts

  • Inorganic chemicals

    Hydrogen peroxide, Sulfuric acid, Phosphoric acid, Potassium hydroxide, Lime, Zeolite, Calcium compounds, Potassium compounds, Sulfur compounds, Copper compounds, Magnesium compounds, Fluorine compounds, Boric acid compounds, Phosphorus compounds, Food additives, and Other inorganic chemicals

  • Organic chemicals

    Petroleum solvents, Chlorine solvents, Fluorine-based solvents, Alcohol-based solvents, Ketone solvents, Glycol solvents, Aromatic solvents, Organochlorine compounds, Adhesives, Silicone cleaners, and Other petrochemical products

  • Water treatment chemicals

    Sodium hypochlorite, Ferric chloride, Poly aluminum chloride, Sodium bisulfite, Aluminum sulfate, Polymer coagulant, Activated carbon, Liquid chelating agent (fly ash treatment)

Specialty products

Ceramic fiber
Biosoluble fiber Superwool

Partner manufacturer: Shin-Nippon Thermal Ceramics Corporation
We supply inorganic fibers for high-temperature applications as well as high-performance fireproofing and heat-insulation materials for a variety of industrial applications, including heat-treatment furnaces, steel, and heating equipment.

○ Various types of furnace fireproofing and heat-insulating lining materials
○ Backup thermal insulation for various refractory materials
○ Various sound-absorbing and filtration materials
○ Gaskets and seal materials for hot-gas path components
○ Thermal insulation materials for heating and cooking equipment ○ Filler material for refractory panel joints

Paint and Coatings

【NB Coat】

Partner manufacturer: Nitto Chemical Company, Ltd.
We supply NB Coat, a special modified epoxy resin coating that serves as a thick anticorrosion coating material for a variety of industrial applications.

★Waterworks (steel piping, penstock, tanks)
Our products conform to Japan’s strict waterworks regulations.
Solvent products: Japan Water Works Association (JWWA K-135) certified product SHIKAN A-1
Solvent-free products: Japan Water Works Association (JWWA K-157) certified product SHIKAN B-1
Aroma Ace: Conforms to AQ-62 / JIS G 3443-4: 2007 (for low-solvent products)

★Terrestrial applications (general steel structures, electrical power/transmission line towers, tanks)
Our products offer advanced protection against corrosion and superior film adhesion to base materials on all kinds of steel structures, reducing painting and coating costs. Applying repeat and top coats is relatively easy, while superior rustproofing performance over the long term keeps total costs low.

Nitto Chemical vs. A Company(competitor) coating film: Tank canopy after 7.5 years

(1)The Nitto Chemical (170 µm) coating remains in good condition, free of cracks, peeling, and rust
(2)Water tended to settle in the indentations in the competitor’s (165 µm) coating, concentrating cracks, peeling, and rust in those areas (rust was already present at the previous check (5 years 4 months) but had accelerated at this inspection)

Coating film inspections were carried out at (1) 3 years 5 months, (2) 5 years 4 months, and (3) 7 years 6 months.
• After 7 years 6 months, Nitto Chemical’s NB Coat was still in good condition, free of rust, cracks, and peeling.
• The competitor coating showed rust at 5 years 4 months. The rust had spread by 7 years 6 months, with cracks and peeling appearing as well.


Partner manufacturer: AGC Coat-Tech Co., Ltd.
Bonnflon is a high-performance fluoro resin paint that maintains its luminescence and shine year after year, thoroughly satisfying customers with its reliability.

★Bonnflon Sun Barrier GT
★Bonnflon Raku Snow Enamel / Clear


  • Tokyo Head Office

    Reinforced concrete, seven aboveground floors
    Total floor area: 757.780 m2
    Site area: 150.568 m2

  • Honcho Warehouse

    Hazardous materials warehouse: 15 m2
    Toxic materials warehouse: 50 m2
    General warehouse: 30 m2

  • Fukagawa Warehouse

    Reinforced concrete, two floors 120㎡
    Site area: 90 m2

  • Sendai Branch

    Reinforced concrete, two floors
    Total area:Site area: 991.74 m2

  • Sendai Port Distribution Center

    Site area: 5,267 m2
    Office building total floor area: 67 m2
    High-pressure gas warehouse: 20 m2
    Sorting facility: 76 m2
    Toxic materials warehouse: 128 m2
    Storage container warehouse: 116 m2
    48% liquid sodium hydroxide storage tank: 20 m3
    25% liquid sodium hydroxide storage tank: 50 m3
    Hydrochloric acid storage tank: 50 m3
    Concentrated sulfuric acid storage tank: 20 m3
    Diluted sulfuric acid storage tank: 20 m3
    Sodium hypochlorite storage tank: 30 m3
    Poly aluminum chloride storage tank: 20 m3
    Ferric chloride solution storage tank: 20 m3
    Drainage neutralization device

ISO certification

The International Organization for Standardization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland has certified our environmental management system.

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