Would you like to work for a long-established specialized trading company as a respected trading company professional?

We at Kida Company, a trading company specializing in chemicals and functional products, pride ourselves on that the fact that the reason we have remained in business for over 100 years is the result of our sincere and diligent sales activities.

We are looking for people who are “energetic, honest, and hardworking.

You do not need to have knowledge of chemicals or have a science background.

This is because we believe that “being quick with a greeting and a smile for anybody around them,” “throwing ourselves into the task at hand,” and “being able to prioritize human relationships" are more important than knowledge or qualifications.

If you want to challenge yourself to grow as a business person, or if you want to support companies and local governments with your expertise, why not come and work with us and acquire the know-how of a trading company professional specializing in chemical products?

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Positions available

Job description Industrial chemical product sales
Number of positions Just a few
Location Tokyo, Sendai Branch, and other sales offices
Base salary JPY 216,000 (general) / JPY 235,000 (graduate school degree)
Bonuses Twice a year(Paid in July and December)
Working hours 9:00 AM – 5:40 PM
Schedule Regular
Insurance Employment, worker’s compensation, health, social security, employee pension, retirement pension
Wage review April each year
Transportation Paid
Age/experience Specialty training school・Junior college・undergraduate university and upper. No experience or special major necessary.
How to apply Send us your resume or set up an appointment to visit us.
Contact Mr. Yoshida in the Administration Department at +81-3-3279-2451
Career inquiry
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